Education Focused. Entrepreneurially Driven.

  • At the intersection of technology and education
    We seek technological innovations that serve multiple needs within our markets.
  • Education Focused. Entrepreneurially Driven.
    This philosophy drives our experienced management team. It means that we constantly seek new endeavors while evaluating our performance to ensure that we remain opportunistic, strategic and focused.
  • CapitalE: Capitalizing on opportunities.
    Campus Direct companies are constantly creating and driving initiatives that enhance the future of education.
Education Focused & Entrepreneurially Driven

Campus Direct develops and grows companies that are uniquely positioned to positively disrupt education at every level. We create, invest in, acquire and advise both established and start-up enterprises that offer innovative, technology-driven products and services with meaningful impact and rapid growth potential.

Advice From a Veteran Entrepreneur, Investor and Board Member
By Marissa Levin

Devin Schain is one of the DC region's most successful entrepreneurs, and he's also one of the most experienced board member I know. Currently he is founder and CEO of the Campus Direct, Inc., a global company that leverages deep experiences in education marketing and technology to create innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing educators in the 21st century. - Read Article

Capital Exchange: Focusing the Region’s Ed-Tech Community, A Conversation with Devin Schain, Founder of Capital-E
By Newt Fowler September 27, 2013

Why can’t the Potomac region be seen as the EdTech Corridor? It’s a question asked by Devin Schain, Founder of Capital-E, an organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., focused on fostering innovation in education. Capital-E is hosting a conference on October 14-15, called Capital E-xchange, designed to bring together thought leaders from the EdTech industry, regulators, educators, and funders to explore a range of EdTech issues. I recently talked with Devin to gain a better sense of the real goal of the conference and to get the answer to the question he posed: Can we be seen as the EdTech Corridor? - Read Article

Portfolio of Education Companies
  • National Educaiton Week
  • Access Health Group
  • ShalomLearning
  • Scholarship Strategies
  • CampusMD
  • CapitalE

Devin Schain interviews with Johns Hopkins University Graduate School for a course on Leadership in the Education Sector.